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What is UI / UX Development?

UI/UX Development focuses on designing the look and feel of an application and how it interacts with users.

UI development involves creating layouts, graphics, and visual elements that are visually appealing and intuitive for users to interact with. In the development processes tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as used to create user interfaces that are responsive, adaptable to different screen sizes, and optimized for various devices.

UX development refers to the process of designing the overall user experience of an application, from how users navigate through the app to how they interact with it.

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We have UI/UX design experts at 7technosoft Solutions who understand the importance of both. It is important that the interface has a minimal input process so that the website or mobile application can generate the most efficient output.

UI/UX design developers at our firm understand this phenomenon thoroughly, so we create interactive and engaging prototypes for every website we build so that we can create a more individualized, result-oriented, user-centric, the conversion-focused user interface to provide the most intuitive and interactive user experience possible.

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Wireframing
  • Research & User Testing
  • Custom Web Design Services
  • Web Application Design
  • Custom Design Application Solutions
  • eCommerce UX/UI Design

Our frontend development team understands other factors like speed, optimization, and load-time to have been able to use powerful technologies to justify the design like HTML5, angular.js, node.js, bootstrap and many more. Our strong belief is, a design, an interface and an experience with the right combination can make the client love your brand.

We have the expertise and ability to build that brand for your business and make you a winner in these areas.

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UI / UX Development services include

  • Prototyping

    The conceptualizing of the app structure commences with the prototyping wherein we optimize screens, layout, and structural arrangement to allow for 100% customer satisfaction and memorable digital experiences. We meticulously follow procedures and processes to ensure responsive experiences across every channel.

  • Information Architecture Design

    Our developers use industry-leading tools to construct new content management lifecycles, content models, and robust Document Information Typing Architecture (DITA) all while streamlining an organic process flow for conversion rate optimization (CRO).

  • User Experience (UX) Development

    We construct highly responsive Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) that include elements like 2D/3D animations and embedded media, providing an organic, unified user experience throughout our custom solutions.

  • User Interface (UI) Development

    Our UI/UX designers are experts in graphic libraries, including OpenGL and WebGL. We collaborate with your stakeholders and IT team to develop a style (including color palettes, logo designs and layouts) that harmonizes with your company culture.

  • Mobile UX/UI Development

    We utilize several frameworks to deliver highly responsive UI/UX designs that fully leverage touchscreen functionality and provide mobile-first user experiences for progressive web apps.

  • Intuitive & Interactive Solutions

    We use well-known UI guidelines like Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) and Material Design to develop intuitive solutions with goal-driven, usable designs that influence positive user responses and facilitate simple communication between a user and the interface.

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By partnering up with 7technosoft, you can accelerate user base growth, unlock new digital channels, raise conversion six-fold, and reach other rewarding business milestones.

7technosoft kicks off cooperation by providing professional consulting that covers your web development needs analysis, cost breakdown, project planning, Timeline, etc. Get in touch with us to know more.