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7Technosoft Solutions is your trusted source in Website and App development

7Technosoft Solutions is a privately owned Website and App development business formed in 2019. Today we’re proud to boast a strong team of IT engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your IT problems and meeting your business needs.

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Here are 6 reasons why you should choose us to build your infrastructure, support your people and systems, as well as advise you on projects that will reduce your risk.
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    Certified Teams

    Our team is certified and experienced in turning your idea into a business. We help startups and enterprises overcome their obstacles and problems for their business. When it comes to developing lucrative internet businesses, we’ve got the experience and get in touch & know-how. Therefore, your organization can focus on other pressing matters.

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    Flexible Engagement Models

    Your business’s size and scope will be taken into consideration while developing our engagement models. Most acceptable practices from the industry and cutting-edge technology combined with our best solutions to help you achieve your business objectives. We make sure to offer smooth engagement with clients to keep them on the same page as their projects progress.

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    Client Satisfaction

    We take great delight in making sure our customers are delighted. We go above and beyond to ensure that every engagement you have with us is great, whether via our knowledgeable personnel or our state-of-the-art technology. We take every feedback constructively and make sure to match the expectations of clients.

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    Excellent Quality

    Our web development services are guaranteed to make you happy. When you work with us, you’ll get more than just top-notch web design and development; you’ll get the services that set your business apart. We take pride in the projects we work on and we make sure to provide endless support to our clients to maintain our relationships with them.

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    No geek speak

    You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. Our technicians will clearly explain what is happening so you understand.

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    Hire Web Developers

    Our team of web developers is the perfect choice if you’re seeking a group of skilled developers that can assist you in turning your website into a profitable business. Working on both small and big projects over the years, we’ve honed our skills to produce high-quality websites that satisfy the demands of your target audience Modern and mobile-friendly websites may be created using the latest web technologies and coding standards. If you have an idea for a website that isn’t on our list, don’t be hesitant to ask as we can match your imagination with our expertise!

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Industries we serve

Our customized development services for your industry

7technosoft’s vertical solutions help your business streamline workflow and increase your productivity and conversion. We have covered all industries-compliant solutions for your all business needs.


We help financial companies to gain an edge in the digital economy and we integrate technological developments.


The shift to digital healthcare has accelerated like never before! Our IT consultants implement solutions to push innovative digital health solutions.


Transforming the real estate industry with technical solutions to streamline the process between buyers, agents, real estate firms, and brokers.


We help you leverage the power of technology to reinvent logistics practices, from planning, procuring, and fulfilling.


We leverage modern web technologies to encourage online education, and training programs to enhance the learning experience.

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    We don’t have an IT department

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